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  • China Shaanxi hongxing Meiing dairy Co.,ltd company profile
  • China Shaanxi hongxing Meiing dairy Co.,ltd company profile
  • China Shaanxi hongxing Meiing dairy Co.,ltd company profile
  • China Shaanxi hongxing Meiing dairy Co.,ltd company profile
Company Details
Main Market: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Seller
Brands: Meiling
No. of Employees: 300~500
Annual Sales: 4300000-5000000
Year Established: 1998
Export p.c: 80% - 90%

  Shaanxi Hongxing Meiling Goat Dairy Co., Ltd., which was founded as a goat’s dairy factory for baby in 1998, is the largest privately-owned goat’s dairy company in China. And a modern goat milk industrial cluster formed by modules of R & D, production, sales as well as the milk source base construction.Today, it has become a company, specializing in manufacturing a variety of goat’s dairy for all demographics.


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With its rich farmland, high rainfall and favorable climate, Fuping is honored as both “the hometown of China dairy goats” and “the capital of Chinese goat dairy products”. In Fuping, Hongxing Meiling has its own natural open farm for dairy goats. As of the year 2016, the company has owned more than 500,000 dairy goats on hand, which ensure sufficient daily supply of fresh goat milk.


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The company believes that goat’s dairy goes well beyond the natural ranch. In addition to providing customers with 100% natural milk powder, it also concentrates on adopting world-class processing technology to ensure the reliability, safety and high quality for the products.


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Hongxing Meiling has obtained many prestigious certificates to prove the high quality of its products, which include ISO9001, HACCP, HALAL, GMP and QS. With the continuous efforts from all Hongxing Meiling’s employees, Hongxing Meiling has become a well-known brand in both domestic and overseas markets.the products have been exported to south-east Asia and Europe for 18 years.


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Shaanxi Hongxing Meiling Dairy Co.,ltd. established in 1998,is a whole industry chain-type goat dairy enterprise contains dairy goat breeding, dairy research and development, production and processing and sales. It is a key leading enterprise in Shaanxi agricultural industrialization and a high-tech enterprise in shaanxi province.  


Relying on the "The town of milk goats" Fuping natural milk Source Advantage, The Hongxing Meiling has its own milk source base, the whole industry chain operation. The company has fresh goat milk powder production line, Can process 600 ton of fresh milk per day. Four advanced technology," Direct steam sterilization, Flash evaporation off mutton”, Upward row of low-temperature powder Tower, Agglomeration granulation", Which specially design for goat milk powder production . Company had passed the ISO9001 Quality Management system, dairy products HACCP, GMP certification and Halal ( International halal food) certification.


Meiling goat milk powder produces with wet process, is 100% pure milk production. the company has earned "National Geographic indications Protection products", "Ecological origin protection Products", "famous brand products in Shaanxi province", "three products (same line, same standard, same quality)"Meiling Infant formula goat milk powder consecutively won the "Quality Gold Award "by the China Dairy Industry Association issued the in 2016 and 2017. Products had been widely and continuously exported to EU, Southeast Asia, areas since 2011


Hongxing Meilinghas built an annual output of 3000 ton of cheese production line, it can produce pure D90 desalination goat whey powder while it is in producing of pure goat cheese . the goat whey powder had been using in enterprise infant formula goat milk powder production , which had already solved the problem of Chinese infants milk powder dependent on imported goat milk powder and filled a domestic blank. Hongxing Meiling is also the first domestic goat milk powder production enterprise of infant formula produced by independent production of goat whey powder


In order to solve the problem of population degeneration caused by inbreeding of milk goats, the Redstar Meiling strives to build the milk goat breed breeding base, construct the million thoroughbred breeding field, establish the nanny goat gene pool and well-bred breeding system, by the scientific breeding means of , such as, importing breeding goat and semen freezing, to upgrade the population optimization of, 600,000 pieces goats s in Fuping .


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