• 6-12 Months Goat Milk Powder For Baby Fat Emulsification Preventing Constipation
6-12 Months Goat Milk Powder For Baby Fat Emulsification Preventing Constipation

6-12 Months Goat Milk Powder For Baby Fat Emulsification Preventing Constipation

Product Details:

Place of Origin: capital city of China goat milk,Shaanxi,China
Brand Name: Meiling
Model Number: Formula baby goat milk powder

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 60 Tins
Price: $25.5-$26.5/Tin
Packaging Details: 800g in Tin
Delivery Time: 5-7 work days
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Detail Information

Color: Milky White Taste: Fresh
Form: Powdered Ingredient: 100% Liquid Goat Milk Powder
Place Of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland) Appearance: Light Yellow Powder
High Light:

newborn milk powder


milk powder for baby

Product Description

Wealth goat infant formula milk powder

6-12 months China goat milk cheap price instant formulated dry baby goat milk powder


1, wealth goat series infant formula is taking goat milk OPO formula.


2, In this formula, 1, 3-dioleic acid 2-palmitate triglyceride, lactoferrin, and casein phosphopeptides are specially added.. The main features of this formula are that the fat emulsification promotes the absorption of fat and minerals in infants and children, promoting the deposition of bone minerals in infants and children, and preventing constipation.Fat milk can promote infants and young children on the absorption of fat, minerals, promotes intestinal health and ability to resist bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc, the casein peptide phosphate canpromote calcium, iron, zinc and other mineral absorption, especially effective to promote infant on the absorption of calcium, lactoferrin as the most important biological active substances in milk,it plays an important role in cure diseases to protect the body,at the sametime it can promote the growth of intestinal beneficial bacteria, which is advantageous to the the intestinal digestive function.


3,This product is specially added with 1, 3-dioleic acid 2-palmitate triglyceride, lactoferrin, and casein phosphopeptides to make the product closer to breast milk, to improve the overall physical immunity of infants and infants, and to promote the absorption and bioavailability of calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals in the baby, thus making the milk powder closer to breast milk.

Wealth goat infant formula milk powder

Nutrition Information
Item Unit   Per 100 kJ Powder Per 100g
Energy Kj 100 1993
Protein g   0.9 17.5
Fat g   1.1 22.5
linoleic g   0.09 1.8
Carbohydrates g 2.5 50
Vitamin A μg RE   25 500
Vitamin D μg   0.35 7
Vitamin E μg a-TE 0.25 5
Vitamin K1 μg 2 35
Vitamin B1 μg 25 500
Vitamin B2 μg 30 600
Vitamin B6 μg 28 550
Vitamin B12 μg 0.08 1.5
Niacin μg 176 3500
Folic Acid μg 2 40
Pantothenic acid μg 140 2800
Vitamin C mg 2.8 55
Biotin μg 0.9 18
Sodium mg 9 180
Potassium mg 25 500
Copper μg   12 239
Magnesium mg 2.3 45
Iron mg   0.35 7
Zinc mg   0.2 4
Calcium mg 25 500
Phosphorus mg 16.6 330
Calcium phosphate ratio     1.5:1 1.5:1
Iodine μg   2.5 50
chlorine mg   15 300
Selectable component
Selenium μg   0.75 15
Manganese μg 3 60
Choline mg 2.51 50
inose mg 2 40
Taurine mg   1 25
Carnitine mg 0.5 10
DHA % toal fat   0.25 0.25
ARA % toal fat   0.45 0.45
GOS g 0.06 1.25
Triglycerides palmitate g   0.02 0.32
Fructo-oligose g   0.1 2.6
lactoferrin g 1.6 32
CPP g   2.3 45
Storage conditions
Before the opening
1.Please keep it at room temperature to avoid long-term exposure in high temperature. Do not eat it if the seal is broken before opening.
2.Please take the product before the expiration date.
After the opening
1.Please keep the tube tightly covered and place it in a cool and dry place. Do remember to put the milk powder into another container for serving.
2.It is recommended to take the product within one month.


Benefit of Meiling Whole Goat Milk Powder


1 Naturally High in Calcium.


Goat's milk is naturally high in calcium as compared to other milk. Calcium is an important nutrient for both women and elderly as it can prevent osteoporosis by strengthening bone intergrity.


2 Naturally high in bioactive compounds

Bioactive compounds are components in the food that can provide a health benefits once consumed. Goat's milk is naturally high in bioactive compounds such as:


  • Nucleotide (Boost immune system)
  • CPP (Increase the solubility and absorption of minerals)
  • Sialic acid (Prevent bacteria infection)
  • Taurine (Boost brain development)

3 Low in lactose


Goat's milk contains lesser lactose. Approximately 65 percent of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after childhood. Lactose intolerance in adulthood is most prevalent in people of East Asian descent. Hence, goat's milk is suitable for people who experience lactose intolerance symptoms such as nausea, vomitting and diarrhea after consuming dairy products.


4 Improve Gastrointestinal health


Goat milk can be digested easier and more readily than other milk. Goat milk forms a softer, finer curd than cow milk, making digestion and absorption easier. Thus, goat's milk is good for those with gastrointestinal problem such as gastric, colic and indigestion.


5 Natural Blessing from the Mother Nature


Unlike cows, goats and humans have the same secretion method. More bioactives are secreted with goat milk, such as Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Polyamine, and Free Amino Acids. The level of natural nutrients like Nucleotides, Taurine, as well as Glutamic Acid are even 3 times higher than cow milk’s, helping to enhance protection from inside and build solid foundation for mental and physical development.



6 Unique Molecular Structure - The Key to Better Digestion


Goat milk protein contains more β-casein which forms fine and evenly distributed milk curd. Its unique structure allows more digestive enzyme in and is easier to be absorbed, protecting children’s sensitive gut.


In general, cow milk formula needs extra processes to make its milk protein smaller or easier to be digested, such as adding whey or hydrolyzing it. Whereas goat milk needs no such processes as its protein is naturally fine and delicate, natural and nutritious.


Goat milk fat contains essential nutrition that supports baby’s growth: More Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) makes milk fat easier to be digested and converted to energy faster. Natural Sphingolipid supports mental development. Others like Vitamin A, D, E, K are also rich and naturally contained.


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